How to Install Garage Epoxy Floor With Flakes

One way to increase the value of your commercial property is by upgrading your floor from plain concrete to epoxy flake. Epoxy flake is a durable floor coating system that will not only protect your floor from chemicals (oil, salt) and high traffic but also give you a decorative look for years.  Flakes come in a variety of sizes and colors. 

A typical epoxy flake project takes approximately 3 – 4 days to complete. During the first few days and repair any cracks or damages from previous years. We prep floors by shot blasting and concrete grinding. We achieve a clean surface and a surface profile that allows our high-quality materials to bond with industrial strength.

After the surface has been prepped, our crew will then begin transforming your floor. First, we apply a base coat throughout the entire surface. If you decide to have a tile pattern, we will tape out the tile pattern according to your preferred tile size. Next, we will come back and add a second epoxy coat and throw in the epoxy flakes that are desired. Once dry, we come back and scrape off any loose or jagged flakes. Finally, we top it off by adding two coats of clear, protective polyurethane/polyaspartic to ensure a lasting finish.

Ideas of Metallic Epoxy Floor for Your Space

Metallic Epoxy Floor is a new high-tech trend and an interesting flooring option for those wanting a more exotic style. These coatings create a brilliant and profound floor aspect with a variety of colors and different visual effects. Some even create three-dimensional effects that add depth and illusion of craters, undulations, and metal swirling rivers.

The metallic epoxy coating is trendy and brings a “high-tech” touch to those seeking more exoticism. These floors offer a brilliant effect, always with a varied choice of colors and finishes. You can even go as far as creating effects in 3 dimensions to give an impression of depth.


  • Durability. Resins made of epoxy and polyurethane are extremely resistant and thus last longer. They are the perfect product either for your commercial installations or your residential and exterior flooring.
  • Easy to maintain. Your flooring will always look spotlessly clean. Polyurea floor does not require any particular maintenance and is resistant to any mark or stain.
  • Long-lasting. By choosing Epoxy Flooring New Jersey, you benefit from a 2-year guarantee on your new flooring coating.


Commercial Epoxy Flooring Installation Experts

If you are looking for a commercial epoxy flooring company in New Jersey that knows exactly how to keep their customers satisfied and keep them getting their services over and over again, one of your best options is Epoxy Flooring New Jersey. We are a leader in the concrete polishing and epoxy flooring business and have served hundreds of clients in New Jersey State. With us, unparalleled expertise is guaranteed. 

We make it a point to send only the best installers to customers, so you will be working with knowledgeable people whose aim is to provide the best customer service and produce only the best result that is possible for your project; this is what makes us – leading commercial epoxy flooring company in New Jersey. 

Why is commercial epoxy flooring important as a go-to solution? Every business owner wants to have shiny, attractive, and elegant premises to give customers a stunning first look. Well-decorated and properly organized commercial buildings attract more clients and result in enhanced revenues.

Similarly, safety and security are the primary requirements of every business, irrespective of the size or scope. While you can customize the appearance of your business with concrete, applying durable and colorful coatings is essential to extend the life of your commercial concrete setting.

Hence, it would be best if you had something elegant and long-lasting that could enhance the attractiveness of your business premises and improve the resilience of its floor.

Commercial epoxy flooring in New Jersey is the most reliable and long-term solution if you want to protect your concrete floor from abrasive elements and make your business look elegant.

Concrete Polishing Contractors in New Jersey

More and more customers are discovering the benefits of polished concrete as a finishing option for residential, commercial, and industrial flooring. Concrete products have a wide variety of finishes and always require less maintenance than other flooring choices. There is so much character in natural concrete, and we can expose as much or as little aggregate in the final product as desired by the customer.

Due to the highly reflective qualities of polished concrete, it is a great product for retail and showroom environments since it uniquely illuminates your products. Polished concrete helps businesses and facilities reduce labor through its low maintenance and easy-to-clean nature. Virtually indestructible, it withstands vehicle and foot traffic easily, looking just as good as new.

Hospitals often choose our floors because of their hygienic and antimicrobial characteristics. People enjoy that polished concrete never creeks or make a sound as it ages and gets traffic.



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